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Dr. Gordon Wilson on the Original Web Designer

The Ultimate Web Designer Design in Nature by Dr. Gordon Wilson [Full article can be found at Answers in Genesis.] Next time you’re tempted to brush away a spider web, stop to consider the engineering required . . . and the Engineer behind the engineer. Spiders, like venomous snakes, don’t...

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Biodiversity Collage

It Was Very Good

 by Dr. Gordon Wilson   I am biologist who is very fond of the biodiversity on earth but I’m also a committed Christian who wants to think and act biblically on this important topic. I don’t want to be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine of the green...

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Gordon Wilson honored by EPA

(No, not that EPA.) The Evangelical Press Association awarded Answers Magazine second place in their "Departments" category for a series of three articles called "Creation on Display," to which Dr. Wilson contributed the article, "Bola Spiders: Eight-Legged Gauchos." The winning article is available to paid...

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Dr. Gordon Wilson Explains the Unique Design of Periodical Cicadas

Periodical Cicadas— Synchronized Swarming by Dr. Gordon Wilson [Full article can be found at Answers in Genesis.] Armies normally require a general and vast support staff to organize and move in unison. Not so for the periodical cicadas of North America, which emerge in swarms every few years. They march...

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