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Graduating leaders who shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Undergraduate Program

Come gain skill for work and wisdom for life in an academic environment that strives after excellence.

Student Life

Instead of dormitory living, we board together as friends, families, and church members in a connected community.


A single-focus, four-year liberal arts curriculum is intentionally crafted to produce confident leaders.

At New Saint Andrews College, we train students to build a flourishing, God-honoring culture. We fight against false ideas that degrade human society and harm our neighbors. By our commitment to Biblical truths, and in our pursuit of excellence, we equip students to be leaders in the workplace and in their homes in order to shape culture.

Stories, Podcasts, and News

Necessity is the Mother of Inventio

“I was terrified going in,” sophomore Lonna Lindstrom said about our week-long Latin course, Conventiculum. But because of the course’s unique activities (pottery and cooking for example) and its immersive technique, Lonna’s confidence and comfortability grew significantly: “[By the end of the week] I was talking to myself in Latin when I was cleaning my room.”

What Have You Meanders | What Have You 98

This week we wandered about through varied subjects like suburban architecture, public nursing, and our old favorite – self care. “What Have You” subscribe below on iTunes or Google Play, or go to the “What Have You” home page at...

Dr. Cole Tutino Joins the Conservatory of Music

Dr. Cole Tutino is joining the New Saint Andrews Conservatory of Music faculty. His knowledge in music theory will benefit the classrooms, and his expertise on the cello will be a great addition to our orchestra and in training our own cello players.

To the Board: Be the Right Kind of Reckless

Doug Wilson, a founding member of New Saint Andrews College, exhorted the college board; his vision of leadership, ambition, and the ethics of progress are a model for our students, faculty, and staff.

Bridging Science and Religion at Oxford

As part of an Oxford initiative, Dr. Mitch Stokes and a group of select professors from around the world are engaging science and religion at the highest levels of academia. His Oxford project draws attention to significant flaws in materialistic evolutionary thought—specifically, monkeys doing quantum math.

Class of 2023: The Way Up Is Down

Dr. Ben Merkle and Dr. Tim Edwards address the freshmen during Prologus (student orientation week). The encouragements and challenges they laid before the freshmen can be summed up with the divine paradox: up is down.

What Have You and the Yips | What Have You 98

This week we finally pushed through the slump and talked about husbands, wives, dates, and so on and so forth. “What Have You” subscribe below on iTunes or Google Play, or go to the “What Have You” home page at www.nsa.edu/what-have-you-podcast and see more of...

Sabbath 101 | What Have You 97

Rachel grabs mom to talk all things Sabbath Dinner! Getting started, sabbath through the years, and a little bit of the nitty gritty behind the scenes. “What Have You” subscribe below on iTunes or Google Play, or go to the “What Have You” home page...

Things Got Desperate | What Have You 96

Well.  After a pathetic hiatus, we pick back up via FaceTime …. while Rachel grocery shops and Bekah sits in an Oxford hotel room.  And then spiritual forces conspired to delete the entire subustantive portion of even this one.  We give it to you as is –...

Ghost Town, Crickets, and Postmillennial Domesticity | What Have You 95

This week we chatted about Idaho shenanigans and the gospel importance of domesticity. “What Have You” subscribe below on iTunes or Google Play, or go to the “What Have You” home page at www.nsa.edu/what-have-you-podcast and see more of Bekah and Rachel’s work over...

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