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Graduating leaders who shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Undergraduate Program

Come gain skill for work and wisdom for life in an academic environment that strives after excellence.

Student Life

Instead of dormitory living, we board together as friends, families, and church members in a connected community.


A single-focus, four-year liberal arts curriculum is intentionally crafted to produce confident leaders.

At New Saint Andrews College, we train students to build a flourishing, God-honoring culture. We fight against false ideas that degrade human society and harm our neighbors. By our commitment to Biblical truths, and in our pursuit of excellence, we equip students to be leaders in the workplace and in their homes in order to shape culture.

Stories, Podcasts, and News

Talking with Luke Deacon, President of the Science and Religion Club

There is a two-pronged purpose propelling the Science and Religion Club: “educating students on today’s scientific challenges, and unveiling the links connecting science, the humanities, and religion.” Student president Luke Deacon says events on vaccines, transhumanism, and the like, are key to his vision of club success.

Alumna Christine Cohen’s Debut Novel: The Winter King

In publishing her debut novel, which is being called "beautiful in every way," Christine needed grit and craft. But to do so while being a wife and mother took wisdom. B.A. alumna and current M.F.A. student Christine Cohen describes her various challenges and what it took to overcome.

From Mark Reagan, the Conservatory of Music Director

Our mission at the Music Conservatory is to serve the body of Christ locally and abroad with quality music instruction that our schools and churches will be filled with skillful musicians to the glory of God. Several of our initiatives aim to help students and teachers in the ACCS.

Work and Liberal Arts Graduates

College freshmen (85% of them) say the most important reason for attending college is to “be able to get a better job.” But conventional wisdom on employability—"go business or STEM!"—is withering under years of statistical data. Studies show liberal arts skills are what employers desire most, and what the future workforce requires.

A Different Shade of Green

Surveys show Christians are less concerned with environmentalism that competing worldviews. Dr. Gordon Wilson’s book, A Different Shade of Green: A Biblical Approach to Environmentalism and the Dominion Mandate, is both a refreshing primer for Christians with questions about environmentalism and a spur for the indolent.

Upcoming Music Events This Fall

New Saint Andrews students and faculty are enjoying a busy fall performing in Moscow and beyond. The many events, recitals, classes, and more, are listed here in this update. Put the events of the Conservatory of Music on your calendar.

New Developments at the 2019 Alumni Weekend

On September 20th, over fifty alumni returned to the Skattaboe building on Main Street for fellowship, encouragement, and to gain a vision for the college's development. They held a vocational panel for current students, dined in the newly purchased building, and many entered into the college's new mentorship program.

The Ladies Who Keep the Fall Carnival Alive

During the week before finals, students spend their money and time buying candy, costumes, and building booths. It is for the Fall Carnival—a celebration students throw to thank the local community. Priscilla Brock (managing this year's logistics) and Lindsey Tollefson (who started the event fourteen years ago) tell us why taking on the responsibility is worthwhile.

Lecturer Brian Kohl Brings Oxford Training to Rhetoric

New Saint Andrews College warmly welcomes another Oxford-trained instructor to our faculty. Brian Kohl—New Saint Andrews alumnus and Oxford M.St. graduate student—is joining the college as an Instructor of Rhetoric.

Dr. McIntosh’s Scholarly Work on Tolkien Nominated for Award

Dr. McIntosh's scholarly work on the metaphysics of J.R.R. Tolkien is snowballing attention. Recently, it was one of five works nominated by the Mythopoeic Society for its 2019 Scholarship Award. In this article, Dr. McIntosh explains his intentions with the book, the reason for its title, and its serendipitous origins.

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