Build NSA - New Saint Andrews College

New Saint Andrews College is building boldly on the Rejected Cornerstone

Join us in a 5-year, $15,000,000 fundraising campaign to build…

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.
—Psalm 118:22

A Campus

NSA is looking forward to growing our campus: remodeling our newly purchased building, renovating our current building, updating and adding to our library collection, improving and maintaining our facilities, and creating much needed classroom and study space. With the help of donor commitments, we are BUILDING a campus for NSA’s future.

An Endowment

An endowment is the basis for permanent financial sustainability and is meant to provide funds for faculty development and operational initiatives that will not be dependent on economic ups and downs from year to year. Multi-year plans depend on investment income to provide lasting support. Securing the future means BUILDING an endowment.

A Scholarship Reservoir

Doing without government funding is a financial sacrifice for both the college and our students. Although NSA charges one of the lowest private school tuition rates around, scholarships are still necessary for many students who would get government grants at other institutions. We give more than $300,000 of scholarships each year, which means that faculty, staff, and other donors make sacrifices to ensure that every qualified student who desires to attend NSA can do so. Automatic deposits feed into a pool which keeps these scholarships funded, month after month and year after year. Signing up for a monthly donation is a way of BUILDING the Reservoir Fund.

An Educational Outreach

NSA does not just want to focus inward, but we want to reach out as well. We are extending beyond the walls of our school in several ways: our Conservatory of Music studio, our M.F.A. graduate degree, our Classical Christian Studies Program, Kodaly music teacher training, St. Andy’s Latin Companion, St. Andy’s Innovations (a resource center for teachers), our alumni magazine The Commons, National Honor Choir, podcasts and our national CALLED Conference for high school-aged students. Help us continue to reach a wider audience by BUILDING our Educational Outreach.

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