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Disputatio: Founder’s Series #2 | Doug Wilson

The second of four talks with Pastor Doug Wilson on the Mission of the College! For more disputatios, talks, and interviews, subscribe to the New Saint Andrews Podcast on your favorite podcasting platform. ...

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Halloween and Minnesota | What Have You 73

This week we took a tour through a few listeners' questions and discussed Harry Potter, Halloween, and a strangely metaphorical follow up to our PG-13 episode.  We also do not know why this episode cuts off mid sentence at the end but it does, and...

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Presidents Email – October 15, 2018

Welcome to my October update: Greetings from New Saint Andrews College.  Our first term here (Jerusalem Term) has come to an end already after a productive flurry of papers, written exams, and oral exams. In September, while classes were in full swing, we were pleased to have our...

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