Visit NSA - New Saint Andrews College

Join us for a First Friday, a Prospective Student Weekend or anytime!

  • September 1-4 — Labor Day Prospective Student Weekend
  • November 10-13 — Fall Prospective Student Weekend
  • December 1 — First Friday
  • February 2 — First Friday
  • March 2nd and 3rd — Prospective Student Weekend
  • April 6 — First Friday
  • April 13-16 — Spring Prospective Student Weekend


Schedule Your Campus Visit

When you visit New Saint Andrews you get the opportunity to sit in on classes and meet members of our faculty. We like to say at NSA you just don’t take classes, you take faculty. Freshman year students take Joshua Appel for Lordship, Peter Escalante for Rhetoric, Tim Griffith for Latin, and David Erb for Music.

Meet other students

The classmates you will have at New Saint Andrews are a lot like you. They come from Christian families committed to Christian education. Many come from Reformed and evangelical churches and either a classically-oriented home school experience or a private Christian high school. During your visit you’ll get a chance to hang out with current students.

Get a feel for our unique college town

The Moscow-Pullman area is a small but lively community with as many college students—at the University of Idaho and nearby Washington State University—as there are year-round residents. Couple that with many large Christian churches in the area and you have the makings for lively debates and a diversity of opinions. It’s a great place to gain a classical Christian liberal arts education and to practice engaging, shaping and creating culture.

And who says there’s no free lunches?

Honestly, lunch is on us. And so is the entertainment. Depending on which weekend you visit, you might be treated to a rugby game, a dance, a talent show, the Reformation Banquet, the Grace Agenda Conference, or other great events.

Make plans now

We welcome you to visit anytime, but we’d especially encourage you to attend one of our First Fridays or any of our Prospective Student Weekends.