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Why NSA?

New Saint Andrews College is a close-knit community of leading Christian scholar-teachers and students from diverse Christian backgrounds studying the integration of all knowledge under the lordship of Jesus Christ. Through its time-tested, rigorous approach to higher education and life in its small but lively college town environment, New Saint Andrews students gain a classical Christian liberal arts education and practice in engaging, shaping and creating culture.

It’s a college education for all of life, with alumni creating and producing in the fields of their various callings, and sowing seeds of faithfulness for generations to come in their homes, neighborhoods, churches, schools, businesses and communities. Graduates have gone on to pursue careers in business, writing, law, economics, teaching, technology and the ministry, and advanced study at places like Oxford, Duke, Notre Dame and Vanderbilt.


New Saint Andrews is one of the least expensive private colleges in the country. The College’s tuition is less than half of the average private college tuition and it allows freshmen to lock in future tuition payments at their first-year rate. To preserve its religious freedom New Saint Andrews does not participate in the Federal Student Aid program, but….


As funds permit, the College offers need-based and merit scholarships. The College does not participate, on principle, with any government-sponsored financial aid programs, to protect the religious integrity and freedom of our Christian institution. Instead, a private scholarship organization is available to provide assistance to needy and deserving…


The College is a non-residential campus, meaning we provide no on-campus housing. Most students board with local Christian families or share apartments with other NSA students. The College expects its students to be mature enough to live independently. Students are responsible for their own housing arrangements. Costs for boarding with local…

Transfers and Internationals

The nature of the personal instruction and intensive readings at New Saint Andrews permits only minimal transfer of credit or course equivalencies from other colleges and universities. The college will consider applications for advanced standing on an individual, course-by-course basis. Applicants must declare their desire to transfer credit from another post-secondary institution at the time they apply to New Saint Andrews, and they must do so by noting the appropriate place on the application form.


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