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A Letter to NSA Alumni from the NSA Alumni Association Board

Greetings NSA Alumni,

I am writing on behalf of the NSA Alumni Association to let you know what the Association is, what we’ve been asked to do, and to ask you to help us do it.

The New Saint. Andrews College Alumni Association began in 2008 after the college asked Jon Dion, Annie McIntosh, and myself to serve as the Association’s initial board of directors. That year, the Association was established as an Idaho non-profit corporation with the hope that one day it would stand on its own feet in active support of the alumni and college. To begin with, we were simply asked to organize and put on an annual alumni picnic, which we did for several years.

Currently, the board of directors consists of Kathryn Church, Kelly Schlect, and myself. Before the last picnic, we created an online survey to gather feedback from alumni on what the Association should be doing. The answers were quite mixed. It was no surprise that many of you had no idea there was an Alumni Association. We’d like that to change.

We had a small gathering on Friday, November 11th where local and visiting alumni, as well as faculty, exchanged ideas about how to move the Association forward with the limited resources we currently have. After reviewing the items discussed at the meeting, we have decided that our first project as the Alumni Association will be to establish an Alumni Business Network in order to help alumni and soon-to-be alumni find internships, jobs, and make business connections. To this end, the Alumni Association has taken ownership of the “New Saint Andrews College Alumni & Friends” group on This group has existed for a while, but we’d like to invite you to become active members of the group.

If you have a LinkedIn account, please join the “New Saint Andrews College Alumni & Friends” group. If you don’t have an account, please create one today at It’s free to join.

When updating or creating your profile, please fill in the following information:
Current position
Past positions

Of course, you’re welcome to fill in your profile as much as you’d like, but these items would be particularly helpful for the business network.

If you know of a job opening that might be a good fit for another NSA alumni, or if you’re looking for a job in a specific region or field, please post it in the group under the “Jobs” tab.

Over time, we hope that the NSA Alumni Association will be able to provide scholarships, host events, recruit students, and tackle larger projects for the college. We can start today by helping everybody stay connected and grow in our callings.

Even a small task like this takes work. We need as much help as possible. If you can think of a way to help out with this task that you would enjoy, please let us know. If you can’t, don’t worry. There will be other projects that might get you more excited. Regardless, keep in mind that we are a very small group. We need all of your gifts to be engaged in order to serve each other well. Be thinking about your unique abilities, how the college has served you and how you can give back to the college and each other. Please pass on your thoughts by writing to Kathryn Church at

Grace to you,

Nethaniel Ealy, for the Alumni Association Board


About our Alumni
In all, approximately 25 percent of our graduates are currently enrolled or have completed graduate study programs, ministerial training, or law school in the U.S. or abroad; 35 percent are teaching in Christian schools or tutorial programs; and 40 percent are pursuing various callings such in business, law, teaching legal assistants, editors, interior designers, graphic artists, and military service.


Class Notes
Keeping up with our Alumni is fun. But not always easy, or timely. The Class Notes section to of the web site first appeared in the Spring 2011 Spring edition of Higher Expectations, the College Magazine of New Saint Andrews. Updates should be sent to Electronic photos are welcome as well.

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Annie (LaMoreaux) McIntosh and her husband Jonathan welcomed a fourth girl, Louisa Joy, six pounds even, on February 15th, 2011. She joins her sisters Emma, Beatrice, and Violet.



Joshua and Sara (Ramsey, 2004) Appel evened out their brood with a second boy on January 6, 2011. Giles John David weighed 8.5 lbs. and was 22 inches long. Blaise, Ella, and Merry Blythe are all very pleased with him.

Carolyn (Garfield) Wilson is now living out various literary dreams by residing in England with her husband. She got married August 2010 to an Irish fellow and they are living in Bristol, England where he teaches math. Happily, they are not all that far (in American terms) from Brooke (Wilson) Newman and her husband, who live in Cambridge and they meet up in London when they can! She enjoys exploring her new country and introducing her British friends to some good ol' American cooking. She particularly had fun celebrating Thanksgiving in Cambridge and explaining why precisely, this is a holiday in the States!

Natali (Miller) Monnette: see 2006



Allison Steinberg became Administrative Dean of St. Andrew's Academy (Lake Almanor, CA) this year, and teaches Latin and Rhetoric. With a group from St. Andrew's and Good Shepherd Episcopal School, from Tyler, TX, she traveled to the British Isles this past spring.



Erika (Ridgeway) Johnson and husband, Justin, live and work in downtown Washington D.C.; and enjoy how city life and small-town life can be pretty similar. Erika had pursued her interest in graphic design, and was the Communications and Events Coordinator for the urban center church at which they met and married (March 31, 2007), Grace DC ( She is blessed to now be a full-time homemaker with their daughter, Pearl (b. Sept 2, 2009),
while Justin works on Capitol Hill and is finishing off a MA in National Security & Strategic Warfare at the Naval War College. Erika still does some communications consulting on the side, but mostly focuses on their community, church, and 90-year-old house. They have a permanent guest room, so if you're ever planning a trip to D.C. they say "call us! we'd love to for you stay with us!" Unless God calls them elsewhere, the Johnsons feel very settled in their neighborhood and look forward to many years in D.C."

Isaac Mahar is married to Lydia Mahar (formerly a Shade) and has four daughters now: Alaina (7), Katrina (5), Lillian (2), and Violet (7 months). He works as a LT in U.S. Coast Guard, stationed in Houston, TX. He manages two marineinspections offices on the Houston ship channel. He also acts as the command’s Drug and Alcohol Representative (CDAR), keeping fellow Coasties out of trouble. Isaac wasn’t deployed for the big oil spill in the gulf, but many of the Houston personnel were, putting a strain on resources. Other than work, Isaac enjoys biking, swimming, running, and kayaking with family and friends whenever possible.

Peter Moore graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div.) in 2006 and is now in his fifth year pastoring the English congregation of China Grace Christian Church in Blue Bell, PA.

Bethany (Ackley) Nielson: see 2007

(Johnson) Telling:  see 2008



Sara (Ramsey) Appel: see 2001

Beth (Covington) Crawford lives in Missoula, MT, with husband Taylor and two sons. The second, Jasper Benjamin, was born March 26, 2010. A third Crawford baby should appear in September, 2011.

Aaron and Katy (Wolff) Cummings live in Palo Alto, CA. Aaron works as a nurse at a sub-acute rehab facility in nearby Los Altos, and Katy manages their home, looking after Israel (6), Caroline (5), and Noah (3).

Josiah and Shannon (Visser) Helsel are having a crazy good time in Boise, ID. Josiah is using his MBA (Boise State University, 2008) at Zona Health, attacking the persistent stinker high blood pressure with non-medicinal treatment. Shannon tackles her persistent stinkers, Will (2008) and Eva (2009), with hugs, kisses, and plenty of tickles.

Peggy (Ayers) Hiett currently reside in Reeds Springs, MO. Her husband, Blake, is working for a natural gas company in nearby Branson. They have two children, Nancy Mae (2) and Robert (9 months). They are expecting their third around the first of October.

Amaanda Keyes lives in Spokane where she works as an Operating Room Nurse at Sacred Heart Medical Center. She works with vascular surgeons and she loves it!

Jerry and Jennie (Church) Owen welcomed their third, Helen Victoria Owen in July. George (6) and Cecilia (3) are big fans!



Elizabeth (Shade) Banek and Nathan Banek are enjoying the Texas warmth and love having three children: Abigail (4), Elliot (2), and Katherine (10 months). God is helping them to tear down those idols of a "good day's work" and a "good night's rest".

Joe and Jen (Freeman) Carlson, California natives, enjoy condo life in Scotts Valley, a sunny pinpoint of a town 10 minutes from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.Joe continues to direct the operations for Lulu Carpenters, a local four-store coffee-roasting company, and exhort caffeine addicts to stay strong in 2011.Jen maintains administrative authority within the borders of the church office (and slightly beyond). Together they find themselves elbow-deep in the miscellanies of their narrative and thank God for His story-writing power.

Erin C. (Thompson) Csoboth and husband Chip live in central California. Chip is a major in the Air Force and Erin stays home to take care of our 17 month old son Charlie. Charlie enjoys hitting all his milestone early and getting into things.

Isaac Grauke worksat a software company in Moscow, but he'd rather be a professional chicken farmer, bow hunter or gardener. He and his wife Katie, and their three kids, Gus, Evie and Max, are tipi enthusiasts and consider their lodge a home away from home. On the weekends, they enjoy farmer's markets, hiking and cruising Costco for free samples.

Elizabeth (Harrell) Harmon, husband Caleb, and son Owen (b. November 24, 2009) live in Michigan and attend Christ Church of Livingston County. Elizabeth and Caleb look forward to celebrating their five-year anniversary this July!

Bethany Hoyt lives in Tyler, TX, where she is currently a self-employed graphic designer and general jack-of-all-trades.

Abby (Reed) Johnson and husband Mat have two children, Eleanor and Elias, and are looking forward to moving back to the U.S. in the summer of 2011 after 6 years in Costa Rica. Mat has completed his Master's in second languages and cultures, and ishoping to continue his secondary teaching after the move. Their aim isto relocate to Kansas City, home to Abby's family. All are excited to be closer to friends and family once more!

Nicole de Martimprey married Jason Staniger in April of 2010 and they are expecting their first child at the end of April 2011. They are currently sojourning in a land not their own (Dallas, TX) until Nicole completes her clinical requirements for becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. The Stanigers worship with Chapel of the Cross Anglican Church, where Jason works as the Sexton.

Brendan O'Donnell aspires to be a gentleman farmer, but at this point is neither. To make money, he taps on a keyboard at Populi, where his business card (if he had one) would read, "Writer." In between keystrokes, he daydreams about compost, growing tomatoes, raising chickens, and keeping pigs, things which he actually does in real life, weather permitting. He also raises children, of which there are three -- Flannery (5), Huckleberry (1+), and Atticus (brand-new!)--all of whom call his wife of six years, Sharon, mother. The parents and children attend Trinity Reformed Church, a congregation so desperate for officers they ordained Brendan as a deacon. In his spare time he does nothing, because who has spare time?

Rose (Lortz) Spears married David Spears in December of 2009 and they were blessed with two twin boys, Adam and Oliver, in November of 2010. At the beginning of 2011 they purchased their first home in Oregon City, Oregon. When she's not taking care of the twins, Rose keeps busy with writing fiction. Her first historical novel,I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince, was published in 2009. She is currently at work on a new novel,Road from the West, set during the First Crusade.


Jess and Natali (Miller, 2001) Monnette are settled in Wenatchee, WA. Jess is practicing law with the firm Monnette & Cawley, P.S. Natali enjoys being a homemaker, writer of Latin textbooks, and Latin tutor. Their daughter Eve is almost 2 and they are expecting their second daughter in July.


The Daniel and Amy Bakken family has grown again. We now have three boys - John, Patrick and Isaiah.

Lisa (Jackson) Bowen: see 2010

Robin Harris stays busy working as a nanny for three babies (not all at the same time!). She also helps out with children's music at her church, works on various writing projects, and enjoys spending time with her family.  She attends Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Raleigh, NC.

Kate (Ditton) Henreckson: see 2008

Brad Littlejohn and his wife Rachel (Benton, 2008) live in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland with their toddler son Soren. Brad is a Ph.D student in Theological Ethics at the University of Edinburgh, where he is researching the relationship of natural law and Scripture in late Reformation politics. He is also editing a series of critical editions of the works of the "Mercersburg Theology," and writing compulsively whenever Soren gives him leave to.

Otto and Bethany (Ackley, 2003) Nielson live in Moscow with their son Bredon "little chef" Oswald, who will be three years old in August. Otto is working his way through the culinary world as a sous chef; Bethany teaches elementary art at Logos School, and a lot of other things to Bredon. Bredon and Bethany enjoy drawing and ice cream together; Otto & Bredon like snappy hats and computer games in their spare time.

Brooke (Wilson) Newman nowlives in Cambridge, England, where her husband Daniel is training to be a minister in the Church of England. Their son Caedmon was born in June of 2010.


Christa Blakey is blessed to be back at her old alma mater, NSA, surrounded by fantastic students and working with the best of colleagues as their college assistant recruiter and administrative assistant. When not at work, you can find her hanging out with her family (and new niece!), friends, or training for some half marathon (because the full took the tar out of her).

Ellis Eifert is in his third and last year of law school at Regent Law School, and plans to graduate in May. He and his wife Lizabeth “Hope” (Littlejohn) have a little boy now, Broadus (Brody) Eifert. Hope is at home with Brody and fills the time with him and reading about nutrition while she knits. Ellis is planning on taking the Washington bar in July.  

Frank and Sandy (Suttle) Ewert make their home in Langley, BC. This past year they welcomed a daughter, Jeannie, into the family.

Sarah Halverson resides in Seattle and is getting married toRyan Chaney in March.

Davey and Kate (Ditton, 2007) Henreckson reside in South Bend, IN, where Davey is in his second year of the masters' program in moral theology at Notre Dame.  Kate is teaching one morning a week at a classical homeschool co-op, and their son David Gregory is now 18 months old.

Rachel (Benton) Littlejohn: see 2007

Jesse Sumpter is currently working on finishing a master's degree in Classical Christian Studies at New Saint Andrews. Jesse has been teaching for six years. Currently, he teaches Latin at Logos School in Moscow, ID, and Greek and Omnibus 5 at Veritas Academy Scholars Online. Jesse and his wife, Kate, have been married for three years and live in Moscow.

Gabe and Kristen (Johnson, 2003) Telling have moved to Floyd County, VA, where they intend to stay and someday have some land to farm. They now have two little people, Richard (2 1/2) and Gina (8 mos.). Gabriel does construction and occasionally preaches.Kristen stays home with the kids and enjoys various creative pursuits.



Allie Bradley is loving life in Moscow and enjoying a variety of activities such as teaching music privately (Cantica Nova Music Studio), at Logos School (Grades K-4), and for Christ Church (Schola Cantorum). Recently certified by Handwriting University, she now has a side business called TraitTracks Handwriting Analysis through which she teaches handwriting analysis, does personal analyses, and specializes in personality and behavior. Her "spare time" is filled with singing, reading, acting, and spending fun times with her family and friends. She finally fulfilled a life-long wish to travel to England/Ireland this past summer!

Julie Burnes lives in Victor, MT, and works as an assistant to a local lady ranch owner. She also tutors for a program called Classical Conversations.

Christine (Ditton) Cohen lives with her husband Joel and their daughter Lucy Rose (b. October 15, 2010) in Eugene, Oregon, where Joel works at Moss Adams and Christine stays at home and admires Lucy.

Kelsey (Rathbun) Grauke married Jeremiah Grauke of Moscow, ID, in January and is starting her own business, Kelsey Grauke Interiors, as a certified interior designer.

Ryan and Courtney (Wright, 2010) Handermann are currently residing in Boise, ID. Ryan teaches high school Latin at The Ambrose School. They're expecting a baby in the middle of May!

Robert and Erin (Shryer) Lisenby recently completed a six-month apprenticeship on a Vermont dairy. They have moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains using their liberal arts education to milk seven Jerseys for their cow share program at Sweet Land Farm.

Kathryn (Frazier) Long married Stephen Long on July 31, 2010, and moved to Pensacola, FL, where the two of them teach at Trinitas Christian School. They enjoy having the Hugheses as their neighbors! Kathryn and Stephen are expecting a baby at the end of August.



C.J. Bowen married Lisa (Jackson, 2007) on March 13, 2010. Margaret "Maggie" Joy Bowen was born on January 5, 2011. C.J. is attending Greyfriars Hall in Moscow, working at Canon Press, and teaching New Testament at Logos School. In addition to being Maggie's mother, Lisa works at home part-time for EMSI. The couple resides in Moscow, ID.

Gwen Burrow works part-time at a law firm in Moscow, grades freshman rhetoric at NSA, and teaches several writing/rhetoric/literature classes to local home-schoolers. On top of singing in the Christ Church choir and babysitting her nephews, she writes as much as she can.

Kelsey Clemans enjoys teaching excitable fourth graders, discussing Roman History with 10th graders, and helping coach the Mock Trial team at The River Academy in Wenatchee, WA.

Nate and Leah Douglas now live in Fort Worth, TX, with little four month old Anthony (Andy). Nate works on the legal details of the oil business.

Courtney (Wright) Handermann: see 2009

Ruth Hoffmann is currently teaching fifth grade at Regents Academy in Nacogdoches, TX. She has also been pursing voice lessons, spending weekends out at the stables sharpening her horsemanship skills, and continually buying and reading far too many fascinating books. Her students are currently begging her to teach them Greek.

Allegra Miller works in Spokane, teaching at her alma mater, The Oaks Classical Christian Academy. She teaches the wee ones (K and 1st) to sing and read music, and the older ones (5th and 7th-10th) to speak and read Latin.

Katie Travis lives in Fallon, NV, and works at Logos Christian Academy where she teaches thirdand fourth grade Latin. She is also pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at a local community college. She plans to return to Moscow in June 2011 to marry Steven Sitler and attend the University of Idaho next fall to continue her studies in the Fine Arts (specializing in graphic design).

Lindsey Whear is currently living in Kentucky with her family, teaching the seventh grade to one extraordinary 13 year-old girl, working as the Front Office Coordinator for the local Care Net Pregnancy Center, and planning her summer wedding.


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