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 What Are We Doing Here?


We are pursuing a robust liberal arts education in the classical Christian tradition in the context of real Christian community.


Who Are We?


NSA is an academic community centered on the lordship of Jesus Christ over all things.


 Why Are We Doing This?


Our purpose at New Saint Andrews is to graduate leaders who shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Sword & Shovel

Those who built on the wall, and those who carried burdens, loaded themselves so that with one hand they worked at construction, and with the other held a weapon. Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built.

(Nehemiah 4:17-18)


Freed from Babylon, Jewish exiles returned and rebuilt the temple and Jerusalem, but not without opposition. They worked with swords girded on their sides. They were builders who wore swords and soldiers that learned to shovel.


When Jesus commissioned his disciples, he sent them out into the Ruin of Humanity, wielding the Word, building churches with Baptism.


Now in the ruins of the West, we build again.  Join us as we Build.  Join us as we Fight.

Future Students

Our students come from families committed to Christian education. Many come from Reformed and evangelical churches and either a classically-oriented home school or a Christian high school.
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Student Life

Beyond the classroom, students live in the community, not an isolated campus. Moscow is a small, but lively college town with a solid Christian community where activities abound.

Grad School

Online, low-residency and in-residence. Between our Theology & Letters M.A. degree and our Classical Christian Studies graduate certificate degree and M.St degree, there’s a degree program for you.


News & Events

Faculty in the news. Alumni accomplishments. Student activities and events. Conferences and guest lectures. Be the first to know about the latest news and information about the College.




A Faculty Worthy of Imitation

The faculty at New Saint Andrews is a community of faithful Christian scholar-teachers. They have strong academic credentials and teaching experience in their respective disciplines, but more importantly—as Christian spouses and parents themselves—they cherish the responsibility and privilege of nurturing the next generation in the paideia of the Lord. More than half of the faculty members are also ministers or teaching elders in their local churches. With our small group recitation format, students get to know the faculty not just as teachers and scholars, but as mentors, neighbors, elder-brothers, role models, and friends. Read More…


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Fellow Students to Spur You On

Who you spend time with has a lot to do with who you become. The classmates you will find at New Saint Andrews are a lot like you. They come from Christian families committed to Christian education. They come from reformed and evangelical churches and either a classically-oriented home school experience or a private Christian high school. Our students are serious about their education, but are equally driven to live life in community considering how they can spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Students are active in a variety of clubs and organizations, serving members of the community in a variety of ways and ministering to the less fortunate through the many outreach ministries in Moscow. Read More…


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A Liberal Arts Education

New Saint Andrews is a Christian college teaching the liberal arts that have grown out of the classical and Christian traditions. This is the education of the free man, taught by free men, useful in our mission to lead all of creation to worship the triune God in spirit and in truth. In the classical age, the liberal arts education began with a preparatory training organized around a curriculum such as the Trivium (grammar, logic/dialectic, and rhetoric). The education then moved on to advanced studies, as represented by curricula such as the Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy). Read More…



Accountability & Encouragement

The Moscow-Pullman area has as many college students as there are year-round residents. Couple that with many large Christian churches in the area and you have the makings for lively debates and a diversity of opinions. It’s a great place to gain a classical Christian liberal arts education, soak in the sweet fellowship of living in community with like-minded believers, and practice in engaging, shaping and creating culture. Students are required to attend a local Christian church while enrolled at New Saint Andrews. There are many to choose from, but most attend either Christ Church or Trinity Reformed Church. The students are a blessing to these churches, and the churches are a blessing to them. Families invite students into their homes and many board students during their years in Moscow. All that makes for an environment of healthy accountability and encouragement for students far from home. Read More…


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A Degree Loaded With Options

A liberal arts education is the most vocationally viable degree. Rather than being narrowly trained in one area of specialty, a liberal arts degree gives you the freedom to pursue any number of careers and callings. Graduates have gone on to pursue careers in a variety of fields beyond their callings as husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, church members and citizens. From accounting, to teaching, to starting up multi-million-dollar businesses to preaching, the variety of vocations that our alumni are pursuing is amazing. And those that choose to pursue graduate school find acceptance at a long list of impressive schools, including: Duke Law School, Princeton, Notre Dame, Oxford, and Vanderbilt, to just name some. Read More…


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A Tuition Among the Lowest in North America

New Saint Andrews is one of the least expensive private colleges in the country. The College’s tuition is less than half of the average private college tuition and it allows freshmen to lock in future tuition payments at their first-year rate. To preserve its religious freedom New Saint Andrews does not participate in the Federal Student Aid program, but the College does offer a variety of scholarships and grants. Like our commitment to faculty mentorship and student-faculty interaction, the College’s admissions process is personalized. A professional college advisor works with prospective applicants in sorting college-going decisions and seeking after what’s best for each applicant. Read More…

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