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The faculty at New Saint Andrews is a close community of faithful Christian scholar-teachers. They have strong academic credentials and teaching experience in their respective disciplines, of course, but more importantly, as Christian spouses and parents themselves, they cherish the responsibility and privilege of nurturing the next generation in the paideia of the Lord. More than half of the faculty members are also ministers or teaching elders in their local congregations. So with an 11:1 student-teacher ratio, you'll get to know the faculty not just as teachers and scholars, but as your mentors, neighbors, elder-brothers, role models, and friends. That's the beauty of the College's intimate, incarnational Christian community.

Joshua Appel, M.A.
Fellow of Humanities

Roy Alden Atwood, Ph.D.
President and Senior Fellow of Humanities

David R. Erb, D.M.A.
Fellow of Music

Jayson C Grieser, Ph.D.
Fellow of Humanities

Timothy L. Griffith, M.A.
Fellow of Classical Languages

Edwin A. Iverson, M.L.S.
Vice President, Senior Fellow of Humanities

Peter J. Leithart, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow of Theology

Jonathan S. McIntosh, Ph.D.
Graduate Dean, Fellow of Humanities

Benjamin R. Merkle, D.Phil
Undergraduate Dean, Fellow of Theology

Christopher R. Schlect, Ph.D. (ABD)
Fellow of History

John D. Schwandt, D.Min. (Candidate)
Senior Fellow of Classical and Biblical Languages

Mitchell O. Stokes, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow of Philosophy

Douglas J. Wilson, M.A.
Trustee, Senior Fellow of Theology

Gordon L. Wilson, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow of Natural History

N.D. Wilson, M.A.
Fellow of Literature

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