Leadership - New Saint Andrews College

Dr. Benjamin Merkle,


(208) 882-1566, ext. 104


Administration & Staff

Benjamin Merkle, D.Phil

(208) 882-1566, ext.104


Timothy Edwards, D.Phil

(208) 882-1566, ext.119


Christopher Schlect, Ph.D.

Director, Classical Christian Studies Graduate Program
(208) 882-1566, ext.103


Douglas Wilson, M.A.

Director, M.A. Program
(208) 882-1566


Thomas Brainerd, CPA, M.A., M.B.A.

Chief Financial Officer


Heather Lloyd

Director of Fundraising


Nicholas Rozier

Director of Development


Brenda Schlect, M.S.

Director of Recruitment


Grace Hendrix

Administrative Assistant


Helen Howell, M.A.

Head Librarian


Jacob Moya



John Sawyer

Manager of New Student Services


Elise Warner

Admissions Counselor

Board of Directors

Csaba Leidenfrost

Moscow, ID
Chairman & Permanent Member


William Church

Moscow, ID
Secretary & Permanent Member


Carlos Pliego

Mexico City, Mexico
Permanent Member


Luke Jankovic (NSA, B.A., 2006)

Moscow, ID
Permanent Member


Douglas Wilson (M.A.)

Moscow, ID
Permanent Member


John Lewis (M.S.) (NSA, B.A., 2004)

Dallas, TX
Elected Member (2017)


Francis Foucachon

Lyon, France/Moscow, ID
Elected Member (2019)


Dave Hatcher (G.L.)

Snohomish, WA
Elected Member (2018)


Jess Monnette (J.D., LL.M.) (NSA B.A., 2006)

Wenatchee, WA
Elected Member (2019)


Carson Sensing

Moscow, ID
Elected Member (2019)


Toby Sumpter (M.A.)

Moscow, ID
Elected Member (2019)


Arnold Abens

Minnetrista, MN
Elected Member (2020)


Michael Church (NSA, B.A., 2007)

Moscow, ID
Elected Member (2020)