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 is an education for free men and women who seek to shape the culture and advance the Kingdom of Christ in all areas of life.
are a selection of humanizing disciplines designed to teach the skills and habits that prepare our students to excel in all their various callings.
provides tools to teach critical thinking—the rigorous process of making distinctions, recognizing logical fallacies, and employing careful and persuasive argumentation.
requires integration—the ability to move from part to whole and back again—within and across disciplines.
emphasizes doing and making as much as thinking and receiving, all while cultivating truth, goodness, and beauty.

equips students to be more than just consumers of culture, but to be
faithful shapers, creators, and leaders.
encourages our graduates to study, work, worship, serve, and live life to the fullest as heirs of the King of kings.

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Why Liberal Arts?

“The liberal arts are not just a collection of arcane subjects of no practical value to the workforce today but are actually a fantastic way of inculcating in our graduates the habits and skills of cultural leadership.”

—Dr. Ben Merkle

President, Fellow of Theology

Why Science?

“Liberal arts without science
is like cake without flour.”

—Dr. Gordon Wilson, 

Senior Fellow of Natural History

Why Economics?

“Economics are liberal arts because they help us to think critically, to question many of our assumptions, and to see things truly.”

—Dr. Jonathan McIntosh,

Fellow of Humanities

Why Latin?

“The most essential quality for people going into the work force is going to be the ability to creatively solve problems…. [Latin] puts a student in a situation where they have to solve very, very difficult interpretive questions using all sorts of different modes of reasoning, and I can’t think of a better way to train people to creatively solve problems.”

—Tim Griffith, 

 Fellow of Classical Languages

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