From Mark Reagan, the Conservatory of Music Director

Posted on November 22, 2019

Dear friends and music teachers,

Our mission at the Music Conservatory is to serve the body of Christ locally and abroad with quality music instruction that our schools and churches will be filled with skillful musicians to the glory of God. Several of our initiatives aim to help students and teachers in the ACCS.

Our National Honor Choir, now looking forward to its third year, will be held during the Repairing the Ruins Conference, 2020, June 15-19 in Louisville, KY. During our week together students will work with New Saint Andrews world-class music faculty, learn and study God’s Word together, make new friends, sing, dance, and play. High school students from ACCS schools and classically educated homeschoolers are encouraged to audition. Participants will receive a $1000 a year scholarship to the college for attending National Honor Choir.

[caption id="attachment_22566" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Chenaniah Summer Music Institute students[/caption]

Teachers looking to expand their knowledge and skill in music pedagogy, consider coming to Moscow, Idaho for our 4th annual Chenaniah Summer Music Institute, July 20-31, 2020. CSMI—named after the skillful Levitical music teacher in the Bible (1 Chron. 15:22)—uses the Kodály (pronounced Ko-die) method of music teaching, an approach, which like language learning in children, begins with sound (in language, “the mother tongue”) and moves to symbol (e.g. written letters and words). Come sharpen your teaching skills and personal musicianship with us. As you become a better music teacher your students will grow in skill, in turn using their skills to bless God and others.

[caption id="attachment_22562" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Chenaniah students receiving their certificates[/caption]

Finally, where young musicians thrive academically in their classical schools and homeschools, consider pushing those students to study in the Certificate of Music program at NSA. In this program, our students receive excellent liberal arts instruction paired with substantial music experience. Our Certificate students study two instruments rigorously and receive instruction in music theory, history, and composition. This is excellent preparation for musicians to serve churches, and their own communities both with skill and knowledge. Our website provides full details about the program and audition requirements.

Please contact me or the college if you have questions of any kind about these programs, our other music offerings, or about the college itself.


Mark Reagan
Executive Director
NSA, Conservatory of Music

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