Dr. Gordon Wilson's Riot and the Dance: Water - New Saint Andrews College

Dr. Gordon Wilson’s Riot and the Dance: Water

“Water: two hydrogen atoms, plus one oxygen atom, linked together to form one of the strangest, most pervasive, most essential substances on this planet. It cuts canyons and smashes cities. It soothes a dry mouth… It might be in baptism that see water as its truest self. It is death, it is life; destruction, resurrection.”

Riot and the Dance: Water is part 2 of the documentary series by Canon Press, featuring our own Professor Gordon Wilson, who is something like a Steve Irwin with a doctorate. Here is an exclusive sneak peek of the documentary.

The first Riot and the Dance: Earth is now available on Amazon Prime. Find ways to watch Riot and the Dance: Water on its release date, March 6, visit the website.

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