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Posted on December 5, 2016

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JULY 24 – AUGUST 4, 2017 •

Chenaniah Summer Music Institute aims to equip music teachers with the skills needed for a successful music literacy program. All instruction is done through the lens of a Christian worldview. In this two-week intensive training session, participants will receive instruction in singing-based music training with an emphasis on the Kodaly methods and pedagogy. This comprehensive approach to music education, developed by Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály, uses a sequential curriculum of games, folk music and singing to inspire students of all ages to love music and develop musical literacy skills.

The unique part of this course of study is its integration of Christianity with the Kodaly methodology. This pairing will entail classes which look at music and theology as well as how a biblical worldview can affect and permeate the teaching of music.





• Orientation: Sunday, July 23
• Classes: July 24 – August 4, 2017 (2 weeks)
• Time: 8:00 am to 5:00pm weekdays
• No classes on the weekend, July 29-30, but you will be busy!
• Choir concert and awards ceremony, August 4


New Saint Andrews College (downtown campus), Moscow, Idaho
Online Registration for Summer 2017 is now open!


Why study the Kodály method at the NSA Chenaniah Summer Music Institute?


• Learn the Kodály method from an integrated biblical worldview.
• Our highly accomplished staff has years of classroom experience, particularly in classical schools.
• Undergraduate credit, graduate credit and non-credit options are available.
• The chance to visit the beautiful Northwest in the Summer and to enjoy the fabulous culture of Moscow, Idaho.

Who should attend CSMI Kodály training?

• Undergraduate students interested in music education.
• Graduate students in music or music education.
• Pre-school teachers who want to introduce music into their classrooms.
• K-12 music teachers who want to expand their teaching skills and earn professional development credits.
• Private music teachers who want to expand their skills.

_mg_7837What’s included in a CSMI Kodály Course?

Zoltan Kodály said that music teachers should be two things:
• The best possible musicians
• The best possible teachers

Both of those things, musicianship and teaching skills, are crucial to good teaching.  The CSMI Kodály courses address both of those needs with four areas of study:

1 . Materials, where participants learn the principles of folk song analysis and create a retrieval system to organize teaching materials;

2. Pedagogy, where students take those materials and create masterful lesson plans that maximize student learning in an enjoyable manner;

3. Musicianship, where participants develop their personal musicianship and ability to use the pedagogical tools of movable-do solfa and rhythm syllables;

4. Choral Studies, where participants sing in a choir, intended to create a top-level choral experience and receive instruction on conducting techniques.

And unlike most Kodaly training courses, a Biblical view of music will permeate everything you hear and see. We will set aside specific times to learn about the role of music in a Christian and classical education.



Course Cost / Certification: $800.00
*Transfer credit: $500.00
(*additional fee)


NSA does not have campus housing, but we will be happy to help you find friendly and reasonably priced housing during your stay.

In addition, evening meals will be provided by Friends of NSA and our corporate sponsors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings (both weeks)!





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