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NSA’s Top 10 Posts from 2016

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It’s always fun to look back and see what found the most appeal to our audience and what was most popular the year before. Several of the posts on this list were surprising, others not so much.

We hope you enjoy looking back at the most popular posts from 2016 as much as we did.



Let the countdown begin!


10. Announcing the NSA Conservatory of Music

Conservatory logo on piano

In 2016 New Saint Andrews College launched its Music Conservatory. The aim is to serve the local community and college in voice and instrument lessons in the classical tradition.


9. Dr. Mitch Stokes on the Self-Defeating Claim that Science is the Only Source of Truth (Video post)

Dr. Stokes

In 2016 NSA Fellow Dr. Mitch Stokes released his newest book, How to Be an (A)theist. In this video post he discusses one of the ideas from his book.


8. Podcast: Wordsmithy 2016 Plenary Talk #4: Walter Kirn

NSA Podcast Logo

In this episode of the NSA podcast you can join us for the 4th plenary talk of Wordsmithy 2016 featuring author Walter Kirn.


7. Faith-friendly “great books” colleges: A pure classical liberal arts education with no strings attached

Great Books image

NSA was profiled in an article by University Business about faith-friendly colleges who reject Federal funding. It was reprinted with permission on the NSA blog.


6. Breaking News: NSA Now Offers BA in Pumpkin Spice

Fall photo

In this post we offer a little satire around the Fall’s annual Pumpkin Spice craze.


5. Top medical school recognizes a serious need for liberal arts grads

Shakespeare and stethoscope image

“You couldn’t be a good doctor and a well-rounded doctor — relate to patients and communicate with them — unless you really had a good grounding in the liberal arts.”


4. A Conversation with Dr. Leithart and Pastor Wilson

NSA Podcast Logo

In this episode of the NSA Podcast Dr. Peter Leithart and Pastor Douglas Wilson discuss the question, “Does the gospel require us to pursue and promote unity among Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, and others?” for the NSA graduate forum.


3. Westminster Confession of Faith Lecture Series


This is a podcast series where Pastor Wilson lectures on each of the 33 chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith. This has been our most successful podcast series of the year.


2. Propaganda at NSA (Video Post)

Propaganda at NSA

No, not that kind of propaganda. We’re talking about Jason Petty, the Los Angeles hip hop artist known as Propaganda.


1. Election Therapy for Students Who are Troubled in Heart and Gut

Hipster with a nose ring

In the wake of the 2016 election results – and the collegiate response around the nation – we offer a little satire for our buttercup peers: Origami as therapy.


Thank you for following the NSA blog, podcast and video feeds. We felt blessed every moment of 2016 and look to make 2017 just as edifying.

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