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Doug TenNapel is the author and illustrator of such acclaimed graphic novels as NnewtsTommysaurus RexGhostopolis, and Cardboard, as well as the creator of the popular character Earthworm Jim.

TenNapel started out by telling stories through movies, video games, and television cartoons before finding paradise in the art form of making books. At 6′8″, he stands out from the crowd in a literal sense, and his artwork naturally followed suit by coming out a little off center.

He’s a convinced Christian, married 20 years, father to four kids who are every bit as miraculously unique as you are, and likes newts. He also reads G.K. Chesterton and smokes a pipe every Sunday afternoon with friends, ran two marathons this year—mostly because he didn’t think he could do it—and plays loud music from the 70s when he writes and listens to lectures while he draws. He also knows that there is nothing better than ice cream buried in caramel.

You can find him online at http://tennapel.com


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