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Internships are the perfect complement to a liberal arts degree. While students gain wisdom and soft skills (critical thinking, creativity, etc.) through the Bachelor of Arts, students can get a head start in the professional world by working in one of our intern positions. While growing in a specific skill, our interns also gain general office experience, learning what it means to perform a business role.

Current Interns

Aiden Anderson

Video Intern

Bryant Brock

Web Development Intern

Mariah Brock

Email Marketing Intern

Elise Goodwin

Web Development Intern

Kaycie Kelly

Accounting Intern

John Kim

Video Intern

Alathea LeBrun

Accounting Intern

Lonna Lindstrom

Office Assistant Intern

Nate Miller

Video Intern

Kailee Morrill

Graphic Design Intern

Samuel Nyhus

Web Development Intern

Abigail Thorgesen

Graphic Design Intern

Get the experience job applications require.

Further the mission and share your skill.

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