Exciting Faculty Update! - New Saint Andrews College

Exciting Faculty Update!

Dr. Joseph Tipton will be joining us in the fall of 2018. Dr. Tipton received his MA from the University of Kentucky and his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. Having taught at Campbell University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Massachusetts (Boston), as well as Reformation Bible College, he brings with him a wealth of experience in teaching Greek and Latin. He has researched and published on a variety of topics, including the Latin and Greek poetry and prose of the Renaissance and Reformation. He specializes broadly in the influence of the Classical world and Classical thought in European history and culture, as well as the intersection of politics, philosophy and literature in the Greco-Roman world. Alongside teaching Greek and Latin Dr. Tipton will also be the Director of Wenden House and involved in teaching on the new MA in Theology and Letters. He is married to Michelle, his wife of 18 years. They are both eager to come to Moscow and experience life in the beautiful Palouse.

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