Disputatio: Liberal Arts in the Workplace | Andrew Crapuchettes

The value of Liberal Arts in the workplace with Andrew Crapuchettes CEO of Emsi.

Andrew Crapuchettes is Chief Executive Officer of EMSI. He has been in the high-tech industry for over sixteen years working with 3D modeling and software design. He has done business process automation for companies such as Fleetwood, Applied Materials, Triad Speakers, ITD (Idaho Transportation Department), and others. Mr. Crapuchettes has taught classes on 3D modelling and software architecture in universities as a consultant at the graduate level.

Since joining Emsi as the third employee in late 2001, Mr. Crapuchettes turned the small consulting firm into an international economic firm that is currently working in several countries and employs over 135 people. In 2012, CareerBuilder LLC acquired a majority stake in Emsi. Mr. Crapuchettes as helped start several other organizations including Populi, Ball & Cross Books, Sabbath House, findfish.com, Element Robot and others. He also serves as a trustee of New Saint Andrew’s College of Moscow, Idaho.

Mr. Crapuchettes and his wife live in Idaho with their five children.


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