Disputatio: Lectureship #2 "On Creation" | Timothy Harmon - New Saint Andrews College

Disputatio: Lectureship #2 “On Creation” | Timothy Harmon

Lectureship 2: The Benevolence of Creation.

Things to be believed, things to be done: Everything New Saint Andrews teaches in our Christ-centered liberal arts education revolves around these “two heads” as we seek to fulfill our mission to graduate leaders who shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The New Saint Andrews lectureship is a strategic contribution to that vision as leading Christians in various fields are asked to give four lectures, over the course of the school year, to the whole college community on things to be believed and things to be done.

His lecture series is titled “On Creation: The Benevolence of the Creator and the Blessedness of His Creatures.”

Timothy Harmon is a Pacific Northwest native. He is married to Shelley, and is the proud father of seven. Tim holds MABTS and ThM degrees from Western Seminary, and is currently putting the final touches to his doctoral dissertation in systematic theology: “God, Creation, and the Doctrine of Biblical Inspiration”. His research has been advised by John Webster, Katherine Sonderegger, and Justin Stratis, Along with pastoring Northeast Baptist Church in Portland, Tim serves as the Assistant Director of the ThM Program as well as the Assistant Dean of Academics at Western Seminary. Tim is both a contributor and co-editor of the forthcoming, T&T Clark Companion to the Doctrine of Providence. Timothy Harmon will is also teaching the Reformed Systematics course for the NSA MA in Theology and Letters.


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