Updated curriculum will strengthen NSA education

Posted on May 3, 2017

As the college plans for growth we are faced with the challenge of expanding our course offerings without diluting the quality of the education or compromising the core elements of our BA degree in Liberal Arts and Culture. It is in this context that we have implemented some changes to our curriculum that will come into force this coming 2017/18 academic year. The core elements of the changes are outlined below:

1. The required two-year course: Traditio has been replaced by two separate required disciplines: Philosophy and Literature. Students are now required to complete 8 credits within each of these disciplines.
2. We have introduced a new English Language and Literature course that falls under the classical language requirement as well as the literature discipline. Dr. Grieser will teach this year-long course that covers Chaucer, Spenser, and Shakespeare. All texts in this class will be studied in their original spelling and Chaucer in the original Middle English. This change not only adds a little more diversity to our language options it also strengthens our literature course offering.
3. As the college grows the changes we have made will allow the core of our liberal arts degree to remain unchanged while adding some flexibility into how one fulfils those requirements. From 2017/18 onwards, students will have a choice in how they fulfill the literature requirement of their degree. In the future, this choice will also be introduced to other disciplines.
4. We have introduced 8 elective credits into the sophomore year.

As a college we are excited about the way these changes will strengthen the education we provide our students. We are also pleased that they lay a foundation that will allow the college to grow without losing the core principles and character that have made NSA the college it is today.

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