COVID-19 and Spring Break

Posted on March 6, 2020


For any who will be traveling over Spring break, please pay special attention to any public health notices in the areas where you will be traveling and from the CDC ( Make sure to follow any guidelines recommended for you.

Consider altering your plans if you are traveling where there is currently an outbreak of COVID-19 (e.g., Seattle). If you do travel to an area where there is a known outbreak, please be particularly mindful of your own health. If you do become sick or are placed under quarantine, email your professors and the college—we will work with you to accommodate a late return.

For those of you who have roommates or are boarding with local families, make sure to have a conversation about your travel plans. Are your roommates and hosts comfortable with you traveling to a place with a known outbreak? If any of them or their family members have high-risk factors, keep in mind that they may strongly object to your plans.

Although you may be willing to put yourself at risk, remember that your actions may affect others and that we are required to love our neighbors. Consider whether in this situation that may mean not doing what you had planned on doing or not going where you had planned on going.

— Professor Tim Griffith

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