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New Saint Andrews College

405 S. Main Street •  P.O. Box 9025 • Moscow, ID  83843
(208) 882-1566




NamePhone (208)Title
Appel, Joshua882-1566 x 116Fellow
Atkinson, Kent(509) 793-5262Director of Marketing
Brainerd, Jean882-1566Director of Assessment
Brainerd, Tom882-1566 x 107CFO
Burnett, Grace882-1566 x 115Registrar
Edwards, Timothy882-1566 x 108Academic Dean, Fellow
Erb, David882-1566 x 105Fellow and Choral Director
Escalante, Peter882-1566 x 124Fellow
Grieser, Jayson882-1566 x 120Fellow
Griffith, Jim882-1566 x 109Accounting Clerk
Griffith, Tim882-1566 x 121Fellow
Hale, Christiana882-1566Music Conservatory Administrative Specialist
Hall, Jesse882-1566MFA Program Director
Harmon, Tim882-1566Fellow
Hendrix, Grace(512) 300-4001Recruitment Manager
Howell, Helen882-1566 x 110Librarian
Laun, Cody882-1566Voice Instructor
Lloyd, Heather882-1566 x 117Director of Strategic Operations and Development
McIntosh Jonathan882-1566 x 119Fellow
Merkle, Benjamin882-1566 x 104President
Reagan, Mark882-1566Music Conservatory Administrative Director
Rench, Gabriel882-1566Donor Relations
Rush, Jacob(903) 815-1057Recruiter and Marketing Coordinator
Sawyer, John882-1566 x 100Manager of New Student Services
Schlect, Brenda882-1566 x 113Director of Admissions and Bursar
Schlect, Christopher882-1566 x 103Senior Fellow, CCS Program Director
Smith, Ryan882-1566Fellow
Sorrell, Lydia882-1566 x 110Bookstore Manager
Stokes, Mitch882-1566 x 118Senior Fellow
Tipton, Joseph882-1566Fellow
Warner, Elise882-1566Alumni Relations
Wilson, Douglas882-1566Senior Fellow
Wilson, Gordon882-1566 x 112Senior Fellow
Wilson, Nate882-1566Fellow

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