LAT501: Latin Pedagogy - New Saint Andrews College

LAT501: Latin Pedagogy

pantheon-latinTim Griffith
Summer Term 2019

Course Description:

The Language Pedagogy course is both an introduction to the basics of the Latin language as well as to the principles and problems of language pedagogy that are valuable to anyone involved in education, whether administrator, teacher or parent. At the end of this course, students will be able to read adapted passages from a Latin translation of the Bible and have a foundation sufficient for further Latin study. In pedagogy, the students will through readings, discussion, and class exercises be prepared to better their classrooms, schools, and homeschools. Unlike in “intensive” language courses, we will cover a fairly small amount of material (only about half of Latin grammar) very thoroughly. Before the week-long residency (July 18 – 22) students use NSA Latin I, an online Latin textbook, to learn the basics of Latin. During this time, the class will meet via Adobe Connect once per week for an hour to discuss the week’s material. During the residency, students do short readings on the topic of language pedagogy, discuss problems in pedagogy, and do some classroom exercises designed to teach Latin. After the residency, students will continue their study of Latin with NSA Latin II and compose a short paper on Latin pedagogy.


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