LAT 502: Active Latin Pedagogy II - New Saint Andrews College

LAT 502: Active Latin Pedagogy II

Tim Griffith
Summer Term 2019
(5/27-8/23; Residence week: 7/22-26)



This course is a continuation of Active Latin Pedagogy I. Students will learn the remainder of basic Latin grammar and will engage more advanced problems of language pedagogy–problems that will likely confront anyone involved in education, whether they are an administrator, teacher, or parent. At the end of this course students will be able to read original Latin passages with lexical helps, and they will have a solid foundation for further Latin study. The readings, discussions, and exercises will also prepare them to better their classrooms, schools, and homeschools.

This course, unlike some “intensive” language courses, will cover a relatively modest amount of material (the second half of basic Latin grammar). The distance elements of the course include an introduction to grammar and vocabulary, together with exercises. Students will practice vocabulary using Picta Dicta: Vocabulary Builder and complete readings in Lingua Latina Pars I: Familia Romana. The class will also meet regularly in real-time sessions to review exercises and readings, and to discuss pedagogical techniques.



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