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Necessity is the Mother of Inventio

“I was terrified going in,” sophomore Lonna Lindstrom said about our week-long Latin course, Conventiculum. But because of the course’s unique activities (pottery and cooking for example) and its immersive technique, Lonna’s confidence and comfortability grew significantly: “[By the end of the week] I was...

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Latin Methodology

Much has been made of the differences between "Classical Latin", that is, the Latin that the Romans used during their zenith, and "Medieval" or "Church Latin", the Latin that came afterward and was influenced by various foreign languages. Consequently, most Latin courses seek to introduce...

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Why Latin?

Latin is the ancient language originally used in the central region of Italy onced called Latium, where Rome is located. As Rome's empire grew to include most of Europe and vast portions of Asia and Africa, the Romans' native tongue, Latin, gradually became the official...

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