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To the Board: Be the Right Kind of Reckless

Doug Wilson, a founding member of New Saint Andrews College, exhorted the college board; his vision of leadership, ambition, and the ethics of progress are a model for our students, faculty, and staff....

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Attend a weekly lecture series on the fiction of C.S. Lewis

Are you a fan of the works of C.S. Lewis? Are you interested in digging deeper to understand his works of fiction? Then you won't want to miss this opportunity!   Beginning on Friday, August 19, Douglas Wilson, director of NSA's MA program, will deliver a free...

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Interview with Douglas Wilson on New Saint Andrews College

After around 20 years of being integrally involved at NSA (helping it launch, serving on the board, instructing, etc.), what are the most important lessons you have learned? The central thing I have learned is something I (somehow) knew instinctively at the beginning of the process,...

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