Lecturer Brian Kohl Brings Oxford Training to Rhetoric

Posted on September 10, 2019

New Saint Andrews College warmly welcomes Lecturer of Rhetoric Brian Kohl to our faculty. Mr. Kohl is already at the helm of Freshman Rhetoric instruction this year, and these are not new waters for him. He is a 2011 graduate of New Saint Andrews College and has assisted with Freshman Rhetoric in the past. Mr. Kohl is in the process of completing his graduate work and anticipates a soon-to-be-awarded Master of Studies (M.St.) degree from Oxford University. Meanwhile, he is also the editorial director at Canon Press here in Moscow.

Mr. Kohl brings a wealth of experience to share with his students. Drawing from his experience as an editor, graduate student in writing, and former Freshman Rhetoric teaching assistant, he actively seeks to develop his students' writing potential. He desires to instill in them the concept that writing is not a talent but, rather, is the result of long patience and hard work. In other words, it is a learned skill and is enhanced by the fruit of the Spirit.

Rhetoric consists not only of written expression but also of verbal expression: students must orally present their written creations each week. In class, Mr. Kohl directs them to articulate clearly and concisely. Here, students have an opportunity to fail so that they can succeed. And they experience these highs and lows of the learning process together. The goal is not merely to employ rhetoric for formal events but, more importantly, for daily life. Mr. Kohl states, "Rhetoric isn't something that you do in a black robe, but it is how you deal with difficult siblings or unbelieving relatives; it is something that you do every day." The three elements that make rhetoric fun, whether when speaking or writing, are loving the material at hand, loving the audience, and loving God. Kohl adds, "That's the gospel. That's the Christian walk."

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