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Annie McIntosh

Annie McIntosh & family

Annie (LaMoreaux) McIntosh lives in Moscow, ID, where her husband Jonathan teaches at NSA. Annie stays home and hangs out with their four little girls, Emma (10), Beatrice (8), Violet (5), and Louisa (3).


Jennifer (Davis) Jeffryes is a program manager at Intuit, working to drive company-wide transformational change initiatives across their 8,000 employees. She is married to Matthew Jeffryes, who is a software developer at Twitter. They live in Palo Alto, CA, and are actively involved in Grace Presbyterian Church.


Rebecca Nadreau lives in Bothell, WA, and has been teaching at Providence Classical Christian School in Lynnwood, WA, for 11 years. She has taught almost every grade and is currently enjoying her newest adventure of teaching 7th grade math. She also makes a lot of costumes for drama productions. 


Gregory and Cynthia (Nesary) Soderberg live in Fuquay Varina, NC, with their four kiddos: Athanasius (9), Chester (8), Lewis (7), and Ellie Rose (5). Gregory teaches Biblical Greek at Cary Christian School and is pursuing a Ph.D. in theology from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.

Carolyn (Garfield) Wilson and her husband Mark live in Bristol, UK, where Mark is a math teacher. Baby number two arrived in the summer of 2013. Their home is always open to American travelers.


David Beauchamp lives in Moscow, ID, and works at Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI). He and his wife Deborah have three children.


Hannah (Buell) Griffith lives in Chico, CA, with her husband Jonathan and their four children, Una, Ava, Paul, and May, whom she homeschools.


Michelle (Lano) Hahne and her husband Seth live in Orange County, CA with their two sweet and amusing children, Sonata (4) and Brubeck (4). Michelle teaches Great Books, Latin, and writing classes to homeschooled students out of her home and is happy to have both her own and other people’s kids constantly underfoot.


Isaac Mahar is an LT in the US Coast Guard. He is on staff tour in Washington, DC, and is also working on an MBA through Liberty University. He and his wife Lydia have 4 beautiful and creative daughters: Alaina (9), Katrina (7), Lillian (4), and Violet (2).


Peter Moore graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div.) in 2006 and is now  pastoring the English congregation of China Grace Christian Church in Blue Bell, PA.

Kristen (Johnson) Telling: see 2008.


Aaron and Katy (Wolff) Cummings live in Palo Alto, CA. Aaron is a public safety specialist at Gilead Sciences in Foster City, CA. Katy occasionally caters with CuisineStyle, teaches cooking classes at a Wolf/Sub Zero showroom, and freelances as a server at parties. Her focus right now is transitioning their kids from homeschool to a private school.


Richard Gall is married to Alaina Gall, and they have four kids: Alexander (8), Olivia (6), Eleanor (4), and Nathaniel (6 mos). They live in Saint Paul, MN, where Richard works for SMCpros, a social media marketing agency.


Josiah and Shannon (Visser) Helsel welcomed their third child, Emma Constance Lynn. They and their two other kiddos, William (5) and Eva (3), live in Eagle, ID, where Josiah works at the J.R. Simplot Company and Shannon homeschools and makes amazing food.


Jennie (Church) Owen, her husband Jerry, and their four kids live just north of Seattle, WA, where Jerry is pastoring a church plant. They are getting involved with classical education at the ground level with son George in 2nd grade and Jerry teaching a high school Bible class at a local classical Christian school.


Bret Saunders has been happily married to Katie (McDonald) since 2011. In December 2012 they welcomed a healthy, intelligent-looking, and very large son, Casper Boone. They are enjoying life in a little cabin on the Black-Hills side of Rapid City, SD, where Bret is Assistant Professor of Humanities at John Witherspoon College.


David Young and his wife Michelle live in Columbus, OH, with their two kids: Rowland (3) and Hero (1). David works at Lancaster Pollard, a healthcare real estate finance firm, and Michelle has the more exciting job of bringing up the two kidlets.


Joe and Jen (Freeman) Carlson live in sunny Scotts Valley, CA. Joe has stepped down from managing coffee shops in order to take a position at their local church. He is now “Administrator of Outreach Ministries” and “Office Administrator” rolled into one and is very much loving this new opportunity to minister in the church that he and Jen grew up in.



Joe & Jen Carlson

Ben Carnahan and his wife Abra reside in Moscow, ID, where they keep four children (Ophelia, Mira, Jude, and Liam), one cat, one snake, and four self-important chickens. Ben is working in Moscow and taking pre reqs at the University of Idaho before applying to medical school in the near future.


Nathaniel Ealy and his wife Emily had a daughter, Elodie, in October 2012. Nathaniel is still doing construction and recently acquired a Real Estate license. They love living in Moscow, ID.


Elizabeth (Harrell) Harmon and her husband Caleb moved to Seoul, Korea, where Caleb has an 18-month assignment working for General Motors.


Brendan O’Donnell and his wife Sharon live in Moscow, ID, with, at current count, three children, six hens, and ten pigs. Brendan works at Populi as a writer and is a deacon at Trinity Reformed Church.


Rose (Lortz) Spears and her husband David live in Oregon City, OR, with twins Adam and Oliver (2) and Marcus (1). In her spare time, Rose volunteers at a local school, writes historical fiction, and runs a company called Madison Street Publishing.


Thomas Tanner lives in Bonners Ferry, ID, and manages a timber framing company.



Dirk DeWinkle is married to Molly (formerly Turner) DeWinkle. They have four boys: Arie (2006), Ioan (2009), Dirk II (2010), and Boaz (2012). They live in Howell, MI, where Dirk is the pastor at Christ Church of Livingston County (CREC).

Nate Halverson lives in Odenton, MD, with his wife Christina.

Brett McClean lives in Edmonton, Alberta, and is studying cardiovascular disease at the University of Alberta as a PhD student. His wife Lianne is a nurse at the cardiac ICU. (Yes, they do like to talk about heart failure.) They enjoy cross country skiing, and they participated in the Birkebeiner ski race (55km) in February 2013.

Corinne Reagan and her husband Mark (NSA’s own former “Visiting Fellow of Music”) are in Iowa City, IA. The fantastically smilely Claude Philip joined them in November 2012. Corinne works at the University of Iowa Hospital as a Telemetry Technician.






Lisa (Jackson) Bowen: see 2010.

Mike and Kathryn (Garfield) Church live in Moscow, ID, with Asa (almost 5) and Ida Mae (2) and baby Sophia was born in May. Mike works atr Key Properties and Kathryn owns and operates Kathryn Church Designs, a floral and event decor company.

Brad Covington and his wife Nicole have 3 children, Bax, Quinn and Livy. They are living in and completing their home in Moscow, ID. Brad works as a firefighter at the Lewiston Fire Department and as a Haz-Mat Technician for the Idaho Region 2 Hazardous Materials Response Team.

Tim Enloe and his wife Heidi live in Knoxville, TN, with their four girls, who range in age from 18 months to 6 years. Tim is a Latin and Omnibus teacher at Paideia Academy.

Kate (Ditton) Henreckson: see 2008

Brad Littlejohn (BA 2007, MA 2009) and his wife Rachel now reside in Moscow after finishing their last year overseas in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Brad is finished up his Ph.D. They have two children, the exhaustingly inquisitive Soren (4) and Philippa Hope (born in October 2012). Once back in the states, Brad will be pursuing additional research and a full-time teaching position.

Joseph Mikler lives in Moscow, ID, where is writing curriculum for classical schools in Africa.



Katie (Saunders) Bouma lives on the Bouma farm in Viola, ID, with her husband Caleb and their daughter Karis, where they enjoy milking cows, butchering chickens, and trying to grow tomatoes. Katie is the director of Charity School of Dance in Moscow, ID.

Sarah (Halverson) Chaney and her husband Ryan live in Seattle, WA. She works in marketing at Argosy Cruises.

Michael (AA) and Megan (Donnelly) Fields live in Moscow, ID, with their one-year-old daughter, Penny. Michael works at EMSI as a web developer, and Megan stays home with Penny.

Davey and Kate (Ditton) Henreckson live in Princeton, NJ, where Davey is in his second year of the doctoral program in religious ethics at Princeton University. Kate stays home caring for their two children, David (3) and William (1), and enjoying the perks of living in a busy university town, including public lectures by various visiting dignitaries.

Rachel Miller is happily living in Seattle, WA, and working in magazine publishing as a Project Manager, Production Assistant, and Business Analyst. She was recently elected Vice Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of King County.

Julie (Burns) Mills married Tim Mills in July 2011. They live in Roswell, GA,—north of Atlanta—for Tim’s job and Georgia’s beautiful weather. Julie works part time as a nanny for three pint-sized boys and is also a tutor for Classical Conversations in the Abcedarian group.

Ryan Ready got hitched to Kathleen (Doolan) in August 2012 .They live in Moscow, ID, where Kathleen works for Moscow Family Medicine and Ryan works at Northwest River Supplies while pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering from UI. Because NSA graduates have insatiable book appetites, Ryan and Kathleen recently purchased an entire library at an estate sale. They built their first Christmas tree from a portion of the 1000+ books, and lack of shelving makes it likely that it will become a permanent fixture.

Brian and Kelly (Johnson) Schlect are living in Portland, OR., where Brian joined a law firm. He recently completed a clerkship under Judge N. Randy Smith of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Alexander Van Someren lives at Fort Meade, MD, with his family: Headquarters Company, 704th M.I. Brigade.

Gabriel and Kristen (Johnson) Telling live in Willis, VA. Gabriel is doing construction, as well as preaching, hog farming, and lumber-jacking on the side. He is slated to become an elder in their church. Kristen is mama to Richard (5) and Gina (3), and they have a new baby due in October.



Daniel Alders is the East Texas Regional Director for Senator Ted Cruz in Tyler, Texas. He and his wife, Joanna, have two daughters.

Kathryn (Garfield) Church: see 2007.

Christine Cohen lives in Moscow, ID, with her husband Joel and their daughters Lucy (2) and Clara (1).

Leah (Williams) Douglas: see 2010.

Molly Miltenberger studied creative writing at Exeter College of Oxford University during the summer of 2012. While she was in the U.K., her old friend Gordon Murray reconnected. After their July 2013 wedding, they live in the Scottish Highlands, where Gordon is a minister with the Associated Presbyterian Churches.



CJ and Lisa (Jackson) Bowen live in Crofton, MD. CJ is the head pastor of Christ Reformed Evangelical Church in Annapolis, and Lisa is a homemaker, wife, and mother. They have two girls, 2-year-old Maggie Joy and newborn Lissie.

Gwen Burrow lives in Moscow, ID, where she works full-time at Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. She divvies up her free time between writing, singing in the choir, and going on adventures with her little superhero nephews.

Nate and Leah (Williams) Douglas live in Fort Worth, TX, where Nate works through the legal minutiae of the oil and gas business at Holland Land Services and Leah mans the fort with their two children.

Melissa Dow teaches secondary Latin, Greek, History, Civics, and Rhetoric at Logos School in Moscow, ID, and coaches the Mock Trial ‘B’ team under the guidance of the esteemed Chris Schlect.

Justin Hughes (MA) and his wife Allie live in Hillsborough, NC, with Timothy (3) and Joseph (1).  Allie is a critical care nurse at Duke University Hospital, and Justin is in graduate school at Duke University Divinity School.

Noai Leidenfrost lives in Moscow, ID. She works at Community Christian Ministries (CCM), an evangelistic Christian bookstore, and teaches K-2nd grade math at a home school co-op.

Katie (McDonald) Saunders: see 2004.

Lindsey (Whear) Thomas lives in Owensboro, KY, where she spends her days cooking Thai food for her Kentuckian husband, diapering their daughter Kira (born August 2012) and dreaming of meat rabbits and bountiful gardens. To keep herself from getting bored, she also teaches an Omnibus class for local home school students and is a part-time accompanist at church.

Jennifer (Dwyer) Trovato (AA): see 2011.



Stephanie (Beauchamp) Abens: see 2012

Megan (Donnelly) Fields: see 2008.

Kaitlin (Grady) Hundscheid and her husband John live in the DC ‘burbs (Centreville, VA, to be exact). Kaitlin teaches Latin and Rhetoric at Ad Fontes Academy.

Sungmin Kim (MA) is getting his Ph.D in Philosophy at Sogang University in Seoul, Korea and working as chief editor at SCF Publishing Company.

Mary (Kumley) McGee (AA), her husband Bobby, and their son Bubby (Robert Lee McGee IV, 7 months) live in Milton, FL, where Mary enjoys keeping house, hospitality, reading, caring for their garden, feeding their flock of chickens, running their egg business, and teaching 5th grade Latin at Trinitas Christian School.

Marc and Kelly (Trovato, AA) Shaw got married in March 2012 and live in Millersville, MD. Marc works in sales at Next Wave Security Solutions.

Julie (Littlejohn) Snider married Nathan Snider shortly after graduating in May 2011. They currently live in Eugene, Oregon where Nathan has been attending school for a BS in Psychology.

Horace and Jennifer (Dwyer) Trovato live in Cownsville, MD, with their son Owen (7 mos). Horace works at Next Wave Security Solutions with fellow alumni Scott Hieronymous and Stephen Sampson. Jennifer is a home-maker and photographer.



Maria Dahlin is living in Richland, WA, and teaching a 2nd and 3rd grade combo class at Coram Deo Acadamy, a brand new Christian school in the Tri-cities area.

Kathleen (Doolan) Ready: see 2008.

Leta Sundet is graduated with her Masters at NSA and is pursuing her Ph.D at the University of Dallas.

In July 2012 Carolyn Waller (M. St.) moved from Yakima, WA, to Whispering Pines, NC, and finally experienced pulled pork as it was meant to be. She teaches Bible, history, English and Latin at Sandhills Classical Christian School.