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Application Deadline Dates & Fees


Early: On or before December 1 ($40)
Regular*: December 2–March 1 ($40)
Open Enrollment
: March 2–May 31 ($50)
Late: June 1–August 15 ($50)
International: Must be initiated by February 15 ($50) and all materials submitted by no later than May 1.
Graduate Students: Application deadlines for grad students are listed separately in the Graduate Studies section under the Academics heading.

*For financial aid consideration: on or before Mar. 1

Applicants who wish to apply after May 1 should contact the Admissions Office by phone (208-882-1566) or email (—prior to submitting materials—to determine whether space is still available for the coming academic year.


Because we limit the number of new students admitted each year, qualified late applicants may be placed on a waiting list or encouraged to become an early applicant for the following academic year.


Important Scholarship Deadline

For priority consideration for scholarships and financial assistance, prospective students must submit their applications and materials by the March 1st deadline.


Summary of Important Dates

December 1: Early Application Deadline
March 1: Priority Application Deadline
April 1: Scholarship Notification
June 1: Late Application Deadline
June 1: Confirmation Deadline
July 1: Pre-payment Due


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