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New Students


Welcome to New Saint Andrews College!

We’re grateful to have you here, and we look forward to getting to know you and to helping you get your first year off to a great start.

Scroll through the links and information below to find out what you’ll need to know as you begin your studies at New Saint Andrews College.

In addition to checking out this page, you are always welcome to give us a call (208-882-1566) or to stop by the main office for help answering any of your questions.

Have a great year!


Register for Classes
Your first four terms
Class Schedule
Academic Calendar
How Recitations Work
Grading System

Student Life

How to Use Populi
What is Disputatio?
Club Sport Options
Tyndale Library
How to Buy and Sell Back Books
How to Make Payments
Student Dress Code

Keep college news and information at your finger tips.

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NSA Podcast

To keep up with college activities, guest speakers, special events, and lots more, download the NSA mobile app. It give you…

• Access to the NSA blog
• Access to the NSA podcast and videos
• Quick access to Populi login
• Updated schedules for current events

Downloading is easy

PodcastITunesIcon PodcastGooglePlayTo download the app, simply visit on your mobile device, and click the banner to download.
Or search New Saint Andrews in the Apple App Store or Google Play.