Academics - New Saint Andrews College

A Liberal Arts Education

New Saint Andrews College is a Christian college teaching the liberal arts that have grown out of the classical and Christian traditions. This is the education of the free man, taught by free men, useful in our mission to lead all of creation to worship the triune God in spirit and in truth. In the classical age, the liberal arts education began with a preparatory training organized around a curriculum such as the Trivium (grammar, logic/dialectic, and rhetoric). The education then moved on to advanced studies, as represented by curricula such as the Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy).


The faculty at New Saint Andrews is a close community of faithful Christian scholar-teachers. They have strong academic credentials and teaching experience in their respective disciplines, of course, but more importantly, as Christian spouses and parents themselves, they cherish the responsibility and privilege of nurturing the next generation in the paideia of the Lord.



Students at New Saint Andrews come from 35 different states and eight foreign countries, but the greatest concentration of students comes from the Pacific Northwest. Students from Reformed and non-Reformed backgrounds alike attend the College, with 20 different Christian denominations represented. The majority of students come from a…

Wenden House Project

Wenden House Project is an initiative at New Saint Andrews College that funds graduate student fellowships to translate theological works of 16th- and 17th-century Reformers from Latin to modern English for use by Christians around the world.
Qualifying students in the College’s Theology & Letters M.A. program can receive annual fellowships of half or more of their graduate tuition in exchange for translation work. The College’s Tyndale Library is the home for the Wenden House Project Collection, and ultimately, the students’ translation work will be published in…